As part of the Last Thursdays Art Walk on Sept. 28, What’s Up and DeadBeach will host an adult coloring night featuring the artwork of CultureSpan Marketing. (See page 4 for more info.)

The dynamic team that makes up CultureSpan is behind some of the most recognizable local commercials, such as ones that were made for El Paso Electric and El Paso Water Utilities. They also designed the five mascots for El Paso Electric known as the Power Pack, which includes a solar panel and LED light bulb.

For senior art director Juan Carlos Hernandez, the success behind culture span isn’t solely thanks to him or the art-focused co-workers he collaborates with for each project.

“I’m only one piece of the puzzle,” said Hernandez, who’s originally from Mexico City. “Everybody has their input and it’s very cool to work with people you appreciate.”

Although they work in marketing, Hernandez said art is something the CultureSpan team values.

“It doesn’t matter what kind of art you practice, whether you’re a graphic artist or a painter or a musician or a dancer,” Hernandez said. “I think all art forms are necessary. It’s the way to improve life.”

The illustration the team designed on page 4 was partially inspired by negative reaction many locals had about the Asarco smokestack’s demolition.

“For me, that was weird, because I see it as a sign of pollution – not only to El Paso, but to Juarez and the region,” Hernandez said.

The spirals of cacti and leaves behind the smokestack symbolizes that its demolition gave way to nature.

When it comes to the controversial topic of the Duranguito neighborhood that many artists wish to preserve, Hernandez is not shy to share his opinion.

“I remember just walking down Duranguito and seeing something that’s been abandoned,” Hernandez said. “I guess in the end, I’m all for Downtown improvement just because I’ve seen how it’s been growing and how people are getting excited about that kind of Downtown experience. Of course, this is coming from a guy who used to live in Mexico City, so I’m used to seeing things go down and up.”