The Red Door Vintage will celebrate its sixth anniversary Friday, Feb. 2 at Neon Rose, 2430 Wyoming Ave.

The owner of the Red Door revealed the key to her success.

“We have some really unique finds at the shop,” Letty Pena said. “We spend a lot of time picking items, so you’re not going to find a lot of the same stuff over and over again.”

If morbid curiosities, one-of-a-kind custom clothes, original designs and local art tickle your fancy, The Red Door has you covered. The shop is a veritable museum of the macabre, with preserved specimens in jars and taxidermied critters lining the shelves. The shop is also home to many rare items that pay homage to our culture like the iconic loteria inspired art, Frida Kahlo pieces and other uniquely Chuco finds.

Racks of vintage women and men’s clothing line the walls, along with shoes, bags, buttons, stickers, books and so much more.

“We have everything from jewelry to art to home décor,” Pena said.

She said business has ramped up recently thanks to her makeup and costuming skills.

“I’ve always done makeup, special effects and costuming because I work in film, but I’ve never really advertised it,” she said. “I put up a sign outside, and that increased business by a ton.”

Since the displaying of the sign, she’s had people come in to get their makeup done for weddings, kids’ birthday parties and Mardi Gras, which means she’s had to dust off her glittery pasties painting skills.

Another prominent feature that differentiates the Red Door from other specialty shops is Pena’s sewing skills.

“We get a lot of repeat business from people who bring their clothes in to get them modernized,” she said.

Pena creates custom looks and breathes new life into dull or plain outfits to make them pop. She also has a hat and T-shirt press machine on site.

On the day of the anniversary party, local party scene legend Joe Dorgan will spin his magic from 8-11 p.m. The band Storyteller performs immediately after.

You can stop by the Drop Dead Gorgeous Findings table to pick up some customized, upcycled vintage dolls and other items. Artist vendors Roman Martinez and Juan Ornelas will also be peddling their wares.

Garageland Records, which is situated in a room directly behind Neon Rose, will be open for business that night as well. The shop specializes in hard-to-find punk and hardcore rock vinyl, cassettes and CDs. They also carry a handful of pop rock selections.

Garageland co-owner Jerome Colon said he’s enjoyed shopping at The Red Door because they have a “little of everything” there.

“I’ve shopped at The Red Door Vintage many a time,” he said. “When we were asked if we wanted our name on the [anniversary] flyer, I thought, ‘Hell yeah!’”