Self-driving car
Noah Sarabia

Noah Sarabia: Not necessarily. I don’t know too much about self-driving cars, but based on what I’ve heard and researched, something can malfunction within the car and it can break down easily or something can go wrong with the navigation system. But I still think they’re pretty cool!

Christina Cavazos

Christina Cavazos: I don’t trust self-driving cars just because I feel that it’s still a fresh, new idea and there’s going to be so many glitches. It’s like when the first smart-phones came out. There’s still a lot of things to fix until it’s perfect – if it ever gets to that point.

Victor Velarde

Victor Velarde: I think I would trust a self-driving car. Mainly because if they’re going to put the product out to the public, they have to affirm that it isn’t going to be dangerous or get into crashes. As long as safety is their priority, I’d probably buy one.

Edgar Ruiz

Edgar Ruiz: Yes, I would trust one. I’ve seen what kinds of tests have been done currently. The self-driving program’s still in the beta stages and I’ve read articles where there’s been incidents, but others that have shown prevented crashes. I want to say that I trust it because of that and also because it would be useful for long drives like road trips.

Joseph Leon

Joseph Leon: Sometimes, because whatever is used to program the cars might not be reliable until there’s enough testing to prove that it’s capable of driving us to our destination without killing us.

Cody Kyle

Cody Kyle: I say yes because the people that are engineering these vehicles have to make sure that people can drive them and not get into car crashes. They put a lot of work to make sure it doesn’t mess up, and the whole design of it is aimed towards safety.