Zombie Prom 2017

Zombies gather near San Jacinto Plaza to walk to Tricky Falls and zombie out for Zombie Prom. The dead gathered with the undead for photos and a walk through downtown El Paso.

Heather Shade

Heather Shade: I think I would eat a nice big bicep roasted on the grill. It’s nice and meaty. You can eat it like a turkey leg. You can just get right in there.

Kelly Folsom

Kelly Folsom: The liver because I think it would be great with a nice chianti and some fava beans.

Andy Stapp

Andy Stapp: I’d definitely take a bite out of the neck first, because from there, you never know where it’s going.

Dean Tarango

Dean Tarango: I’d go with the leg, because it’s the longest one. It has more meat.

Michelle Padilla

Michelle Padilla: I would love to have heart, because everyone could use a little more heart.

Monika (KISS FM)

Monika (KISS FM): Probably the butt, because it’s, you know, meaty. Totally. And I’m short.