Sponsored by TradeCraft, this month’s Coloring Corner was illustrated by El Paso artist Gino Madrid.

A self-taught graphic designer with a love for digital art, Gino Madrid’s clients have included businesses such as popular bars Tipsy Tiger and Ditzy Duck. Madrid started off doing graphic design work for local bands, including one he used to play guitar for, experimental rock group Voyeur.

A kid at heart, his artwork is fueled by his favorite video games, movies and comic book characters.

“Recreating nostalgic pop culture characters from my childhood for my daughter to enjoy now is definitely my biggest inspiration,” Madrid said.

Characters from Star Wars, Marvel and DC Comics and video games appear in much of Madrid’s work. His most recent exhibit, “Super El Paso Texas Vol.1” was featured in the Last Thursday art crawl on March 30. It combined characters and elements from Super Mario Bros. characters with well-known El Paso landmarks, including the former Asarco smokestack. Madrid says he’s currently working on a Vol. 2 of the exhibit.

At one point, a customer commissioned Madrid to do a 20 by 30-inch shadowbox of The Avengers.

“Once I completed it and saw it come to life, it was definitely one of my favorite pieces to date,” Madrid said.

Madrid has also come up with some characters of his own, including the fellow featured in this month’s coloring page. His name is Frank.

“Frank is a character that came to mind one day watching ‘Monster Squad,’” Madrid said. “He’s been a little signature guy I’ve been using for some of my work.”

For aspiring artists who also hope to make a living through their craft, Madrid’s message is simple.

“Do what you love; love what you do,” Madrid said.

Madrid also has a message for the biggest fans of his work, his family:

“I want to send a huge “thank you” to my wife, Hisa Madrid. You are the best thing that happened to me. You are the best thing that is still happening to me and you are going to be the best thing to happen to me, ever. Love you. And To Shia, Daddy loves you always!”