Las Cruces Comic Con

Attendees decked out in ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’ garb during last year’s Las Cruces Comic Con. 

Comic book heroes, anime, sci-fi characters and other genre personalities from popular movies, television shows and video games will all come together for the fourth annual Las Cruces Comic Con.

The event will take place from Aug. 25-27 at the Las Cruces Convention Center, located at 680 E. University Ave.

Short for comic convention, a comic con is a pop culture celebration where attendees can participate and experience a multitude of exhibits, meet celebrity guests and shop for comics, games and collector’s items.

Participants are encouraged to come dressed as their favorite fictional characters, which is also known as cosplay. During last year’s convention, an attendee dressed up as Wun Wun, the giant from “Game of Thrones,” and placed first in the costume contest.

Las Cruces Comic Con was started in 2014 by Troy Stegner, owner of Zia Comics. He said he started Comic Con in Las Cruces because there were no events directed towards the Trekkies nor video game fanatics.

“There was nothing in town for us nerdy people,” Stegner said. “Everything was gun shows, home shows or events centered around liquor, so we decided to try Comic Con.”

This year’s convention will include a costume contest, karaoke night, card game tournaments and Q&A sessions with celebrity guests. Special appearances include Dante Basco, known for his character Rufio in “Hook,” award-winning cosplayer Missy Mayhem, Gary Busey of “Leathal Weapon” and comic book writer Meredith Finch, who’s written for both Zenescope and DC Comics. She’s also the wife of best-selling comic artist David Finch, who will also be at the convention.

The convention will also feature plenty of regional talent, including comic book artist Jaime Carillo, who’s done work for Marvel and Heavy Metal Magazine and cosplayer Christina Dark.

Mindy Sterling, known for her role as Frau Farbissina in the “Austin Powers” series, was set to appear at the convention, canceled due to a schedule conflict. Despite her withdrawal, Stegner said the number of guest stars will exceed last year’s.

“Everybody wants you to bring in the biggest A-list celebrities you can, but I don’t know if they all realize that it’s not a birthday party; these guys get paid,” Stegner added. “We do the best we can with the budget we have, and I think most people are happy with that.”