The time has arisen! Ye, mortals and peasants, bow down and make way for the Southern Pass Renaissance Faire, put on by the Society for Creative Anachronism, which takes place Saturday, March 28 at Tobin Park.

“We’re drawing people from states away to come down and witness this event,” said Chatelaine Mele. So not only is the Renaissance fair an opportunity for El Pasoans to have something to do, it’s going to bring people into El Paso.”

The faire, which is in its first year, features a feast,  rapier duels and armored melees. In addition to the battles and feast, there will be live entertainment, jesters, dancers and musicians. Besides the battles and entertainment there will be an Arts and Sciences portion of the fair, which is everything but fighting and includes lessons on chivalry, the inner workings of the SCA, medieval music and more.

The Southern Pass Renaissance Faire marks a special time in the SCA. Every two years, the organization crowns a new baron and baroness. Before the faire, there will be a special crowning ceremony called an investiture. The investiture is for SCA members only, but the feast at the end of the faire will be in commemoration of the new baron and baroness.

“My wife and I have been Baron and Baroness for about two years now,” said Baron Devereux. “A lot of our efforts have been on recruiting and letting people know the SCA is out there.  And that does require a little bit of traveling around, so it’ll be nice to break and get back to fighting.”

The SCA isn’t just a local group. The organization started as a backyard theme party and has evolved into an international phenomenon. The society is arranged into kingdoms, baronies and shires, which are similar to states, cities and counties.  El Paso is situated at the southern most tip of the Kingdom of the Outlands, and the Kingdom runs straight north, up I-25 all the way to Wyoming. 

The crowning of a new baron and baroness isn’t just a local event. The King and Queen will be coming down as well as the prince and princess.

“That’s what so special about this,” said Chatelaine Mele. “In a situation that’s so important to society, people come from far and wide to see it.”

For those who can’t get medieval enough, the SCA holds practice battles at Album Park every Sunday at noon.  For the battles, the fighters wear real armor and hit each other with wooden swords. “It’s really fun,” says Chatelaine Mele. “If you’re armored up correctly you don’t get hurt. It’s a great stress reliever. You get out there and go to town.”

The SCA aims to provide an accurate recreation of historic times, minus the stench.

“We are people who feel like we’re out of time with society,” said Chatelaine Mele. “A lot of people see Renaissance fairs as a reenactment of a particular time or a particular battle, we don’t do that. We relive that time. We are reenacting the life itself.”

Baron Devereaux believes that the Society for Creative Anachronism is a positive way to interact with others who share the same interests..

“It’s just a fascinating era of change and participating in the SCA lets me explore it,” he said. “So even if I’m not able to talk to someone in the SCA that’s interested in the exact same things as me, we’re all brought together by that love of history.”

Southern Pass Renaissance Fair

Tobin Park United Meothdist Church

9410 Roanoke Dr.

10 a.m.-6 p.m.

$6 non-SCA members,

$1 SCA members

915-920-3334 or