Mexican actor and writer Odín Dupeyrón will present his Spanish monologue “A Vivir!” on April 9 at the Plaza Theatre. Now in its tenth year, the monologue is about seizing life with unwavering determination.

His YouTube channel videos have thousands of views. The most popular are a series entitled “Querido Hijo de P*t*,” which features Dupeyrón and other performers expressing the various grievances of viewers, Dupeyrón and other performers. A recent “Querido” video features Dupeyrón presenting a well-executed rant against Donald Trump and has gotten nearly 300,000 views.

What’s Up spoke with Dupeyrón over the phone about his one-man performance, being original and getting people to think for themselves.

Q. So, are you a motivational speaker? It seems as though you’re trying to motivate people to go beyond their regular line of thinking.

First of all, I’m an actor and what I present is a monologue. In my monologue, I talk about self-responsibility, psychology, but I am not a ‘speaker.’ Life has led me to do this monologue because the foundation of theater work is to be inspirational, but I’m not a self-help guru or something like that.

Q. Could you talk a little about the rants and complaints featured in the “Querido Hijo de P*t*” video series?

Some of them are people that send me their complaints or their experiences and I write about them. All the others are mine, typically. I write them and then I post them. For instance, I did one of Donald Trump.

Q. What motivated you to make the Donald Trump video?

It wasn’t meant for Donald Trump to hear it. It wasn’t meant to change the world – it was meant to vent like every other poem that I have on there. I really wanted to talk about injustice and racism and ideas that I think are wrong.

Q. Do you have any advice for creative individuals reading this?

I was an acting teacher and what I always told my students is, ‘Do it from the soul.’ There’s always going to be someone more talented or more beautiful, but I think art, performing, acting – it has to be done with the soul – because no one can deliver things the way you do it if you do it with your soul, with your heart. I did “Plaza Sesamo” for 15 years and I played a character named Pancho Contreras, which is the equivalent of Oscar the Grouch. I always said that maybe there’s going to be another puppeteer that will be better than me, but no one is going to do it the way I do it because I do it with my heart, my soul and my spirit, and that’s all mine. No one can imitate that.

Q. Do you feel that it’s hard for people to honestly express themselves?

Yes, it’s hard because people are always telling you what to say and what to think and what not to say and what not to think. That’s what I talk about – about people telling you don’t cry, don’t get sad, feel good, smile, be positive – you cannot feel with your own emotions – you have to behave a certain way. In order to be in control of our emotions we have to feel them, we have to know them. And we have to be mad when we’re mad and we have to complain when we complain.

Q. Is modern technology affecting people’s behavior?

With any evolution, it has its downside and its upside. What we have to learn now is to think. We have a lot of information now. That’s what I’m trying to do with my work: invite people to think for themselves. Question what you hear. Don’t go with the flow. Or if it’s good, then go with the flow if it’s good. You don’t have to be a rebel, but you have to think. Just think.

Odín Dupeyrón

Plaza Theatre, 1 Civic Center Plaza

Saturday, April 9, 8 pm

Tickets: $27-$67, plus fees

Visit or call 915-534-0600.