Parody hip-hop outfit Lincoln Box Seats dropped their first single, "B*tch I Operate," at the end of March. The group features two members of the Drinking Bros podcast, Mat Best and Vincent "Rocco" Vargas.

Drinking Bros is made up of four friends and military vets, and their podcast is currently on the iTunes Top 100 list.

"B*tch I Operate" was recorded, mixed and mastered in El Paso by Southwest Recording and went number one on the iTunes  and Billboard comedy chart.

Not all of the Drinking Bros live in the same city, so the podcast is recorded in multiple places simultaneously. It’s not an easy task, and when Drinking Bros needed some studio help, Mat Best found sound engineer and Southwest Recording co-owner Charlie Bekje. Bekje rocked it, and several months later they were recoding "B*tch I Operate."

"They've been looking for a studio they could trust," Bekje said.

Bekje has been engineering around town for a while and has performed with Ice Cube and Aleks Syntek. A few of the Drinking Bros crew recently moved to El Paso, which led to a collaboration with Southwest Recording.

"These dudes can go anywhere," Bekje said."They have studios all over the place and a lot of friends help them out. I'm very blessed that they helped a local company that's trying to survive.”

Lincoln Box Seats new song "Take Your Pants Off" was recorded here in El Paso, but will be mixed and mastered elsewhere.

"I don't know what's going to happen," Bekje said about his career's future. "The only thing I know is I'm going to sit here and work as hard as I can for whoever comes in to record."