Pablo Francisco

One of the perks of being a journalist is getting to meet all sorts of people, especially those who make a lasting impression. Comedian Pablo Francisco certainly ranks in the top five.

You can catch his off-the-wall performances September 14-16 at Bart Reed’s Comic Strip. Francisco has a special fondness for the Comic Strip and for Reed, whom he says looks like a “minion with one eye.”

For Francisco, the shows will be an opportunity to show El Paso audiences what’s been brewing in the comedy pot, which for him means ping-ponging between characters like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mark Wahlberg, stoner surfer dude and famous voice actor Don LaFontaine. He made sure to include that he won’t take some liquid courage before shows in order to avoid falling off stage like he did back in July in Sacramento.

“I won’t be drinking this time,” he said. “If I drink, they’ll take me to AA then to AAA.”

Francisco’s schtick also includes leveling jokes at dating platforms like and eHarmony. He’s even included some fabricated ones such as Cougars Wanna Bang and F**kBook. Reality TV shows also provide plenty of comedic fodder for him.

For any given question, Francisco has a rapid-fire comeback with a corresponding character.

“I go to Mexico,” he said in a Speedy Gonzales voice. “I’m the white guy with the bald spot who goes over there and says ‘Donde esta the p*t*s?’”

But white he is not. Francisco’s parents hail from Chile, and he has Mexican relatives.

“I’m a white Latino, so I hang out at Lowe’s, not Home Depot,” he said. “I’ve decided to take the ‘no Pablo Español’ route.”

Francisco’s life is seemingly a charmed one filled with a few Netflix shows, including “Bits & Pieces” and “Ouch!” His comedy specials are a one-of-a-kind journey into various characters’ hilarious musings and critiques of modern life, pop culture and social media. For Francisco, nothing is sacred and no one is safe from his laser-focused silver tongue.

“I’m racist, I’m bad, my hair is huge,” a Trump-voiced Francisco said.

He said the president should just go ahead and admit he’s putting the wall up for a good reason: so that people don’t keep dying in the desert. Francisco included that he’s all for immigration, but through the right means.

“We don’t need no illegal immigration,” he sang to the tune of the famous Pink Floyd song “Another Brick in the Wall.”

Whether one agrees with his sentiments or not, Francisco’s topical material will certainly keep things interesting.