Yeomen of the guard

Musical theatre group the Gilbert & Sullivan Company of El Paso will bring “The Yeomen of the Guard” to the Chamizal National Memorial Theatre starting this Friday, July 28.

The production is an operetta written by iconic playwright/composer duo Sir W.S. Gilbert and Sir Arthur Sullivan. The Victorian-era theatrical team is known for its light-hearted, pithy and humorous approach to various topics, including “H.M.S. Pinafore” and “The Pirates of Penzance.”

Although “The Yeomen of the Guard” contains some typical one-liners and some instances of highbrow humor, the production is not quintessential Gilbert and Sullivan.

“This is the first time we’ve performed it,” said Tristan Chavez-Poeschel, one of the company’s board members. “It’s a little more serious than some of the other Gilbert and Sullivan operettas.”

The production’s lead character, Colonel Fairfax, is played by David Castro and Nathaniel Matkin. Fairfax is a man of science who has been imprisoned in the Tower of London during the 17th century after being charged with sorcery.

Sergeant Meryll, portrayed by bass-baritone Mitch Wilson, has great admiration for Fairfax and his career as a soldier. With the help of his daughter Phoebe Meryll (Ashley Curry and Jessica McKay), who has strong affection for the colonel, Fairfax escapes under the guise of one of the Yeomen of the Guard. Eventually, he is pardoned.

The company will perform the production along with the accompaniment of a full orchestra led by Francisco Renteria.

The Gilbert and Sullivan Company of El Paso is approaching its 50th year and has performed many of the power pair’s most well-known productions, including “The Sorcerer,” “Trial by Jury” and “The Mikado.”