Dr. Ben Leyva, voted Best Chiropractor

Dr. Ben Leyva - My Life Chiropractic

Dr. Ben Leyva is a living testament to the power of chiropractic.

He knows firsthand how much the practice can transform patients’ lives, because it helped him avoid surgery after a basketball injury in college. Since then, he’s made it his mission to help others going through similar tribulations.

Leyva says his upbringing inspired him to help his community.

“I was born in Segundo Barrio in 1984 in not such good socioeconomic conditions, and people in the community have always been there for me to give me advice, to guide me, to show me how to be a good person to others,” Leyva said. “I feel a deep sense of commitment to try and give back to others.”

His website outlines what patients can expect from their initial visits as they embark on a journey to improve their physical well-being. Still feeling uneasy about chiropractic? Just skim through Dr. Leyva’s reviews for further proof of the high-quality care you can expect.

“Hands down the best staff and chiropractic care I have received,” wrote patient Syvannah Ramirez. The care she received also helped prevent the need for surgery. “I don’t have any more back pain. I feel normal again. Seeing Dr. Leyva has been the best decision I could have made for my health.”

More info: 1393 George Dieter Ste. E, 915-228-4915, MyLifeChiroPracticElPaso.com.

Runner-up: Dr. Liliana Sifuentes – 9005 Dyer St. Ste B, 915-751-9791 Balance4LifeChiro.com