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    Q. Dear Mexican: I’m half Mexican and half white on my conservative, Christian, Republican father’s side. Growing up, I was discouraged from learning Spanish by my father and his family (while mi abuela tried to teach me anyway) and so I never learned. I’m currently having to learn as an adult. My father’s family always tried to impress upon me their specific beliefs on all topics. My grandfather and I have gotten into arguments since I was 8 about his racist attitude toward those of a brown background, and I’m constantly having to remind him that myself and mi prima are both half-Mexi…

    Q. Dear Mexican: My fiancé is trying to learn Spanish so he can speak to my grandmother when we get married next month. Lately, he’s been listening to CNN en Español to get an ear for the language. A couple of days ago, he told me that, after several weeks of seeing the channel, he noticed that there are ALWAYS chickens clucking in the background of the commercials. He wants to know, “What’s up with the chickens?” and “Is worshipping chickens a Mexican thing?”

    Q. Dear Mexican: I’m reading the redneck rhetoric in your most recent column, and I feel retarded to continually be surprised by the hate guised as nationalism that so easily flows from mouths of these degenerates. At least we don’t have to worry about that “nice” stereotype like the Canadians. Isn’t it possible that no one wants to make taxpayers out of all of the illegals because this would entitle them to minimum wage? I agree that if you’re going to enjoy the benefits of this country, you should maintain your culture, but also become a legal American citizen. But can we afford to a…

    Q. Dear Mexican: Not too long ago, you answered a question about the anti-Mexican slur “greaser,” then I read the info you provided for “illegal” and the N-word. I was wondering if you can break down for us “beaner,” “wetback,” and “spic,” too? What are their definitions historically, who “invented” them, and what are their connections to certain regions?

    Q. Dear Mexican: I’m an American woman who has been living in Mexico for over a year and a half. I found an excellent job teaching English at a university and, as luck or karma would have it, I met an amazing Mexican man who treats me with respect and kindness and a support I have never known from anyone. He is a doctor here at the university. We are the same age and though he is a chemist, and I have spent the last decade of my life trying to be an artist, we get along sweetly and I do love him a lot. I should mention we also live together and in general, it runs smoothly.

    Dear Mexican: What do you think of the affirmative action in the education system? I know the politicians and educators deny this, but we all know it's happening. All the yellow and white kids have to work their asses off to gain admittance in a competitive school like UCLA or UC Berkeley. With Mexicans, all you've got to do is beat or match the average whitey or chino, and you're there! School officials argue this is to help the minorities reach the top. Well, hello, you wabs are hardly minorities in the U.S. According to recent Census forecasts, you guys will BE the majority in a cou…

    Q: Dear Mexican: Okay, sour cream! Growing up in a Mexican family, my mom never ever used sour cream on the food she cooked. Now when she comes to visit me, I take her to Mexican restaurants here in the Dallas area. Almost every time she orders an entrée, she always asks me why they put sour cream as a side item. Is it me, or is it a gabacho thing with the “got to have sour cream thing on my Tex-Mex food.” Am I too old-fashion, too old-school?

    Q: Dear Mexican: I know there’s beef between Mexicans and Trump right now because of the whole deportation thing, but can he really do any worse than Obama did when it comes to deportations? Obama deported between two million and three million people—more than any other president. Is there something I’m missing here? Help me out.