Sol Ballard, Life coach, weather forecaster

While many embrace the motto, “New year, new you,” plenty of skeptics skip making goals in January. The latter look to the bleak statistics of how many people follow through with their goals, asking if resolutions are worth making. For that question, we reached out to a young life coach.

Sol Ballard, News Channel 9’s weather forecaster and entertainment reporter, is all about empowering others to rev up their influence and power over their success. She is a certified neuro-linguistic programmer (aka brain hacking ninja) who uses a spiritual and psychological approach to get others to achieve a life beyond their wildest dreams.

You ask if New Year’s resolutions are even worth making?

I might just have to answer your question with a question:

Is your life worth changing? 

Here’s the thing about reaching any goal – you have to really want it and be committed to the change, otherwise, it won’t work. You have to be willing to be honest with yourself to see how truly determined you are to do the work. If you find that you aren’t that committed, it still wouldn’t hurt to set a resolution as a goal you’d like to achieve when you’re ready. This way, you let yourself off the hook and you don’t have to live with the guilt of not coming through for yourself everyday. Plus, why make your life harder than it is holding yourself accountable for something you never wanted to accomplish in the first place? 

Because the secret to success in life is to enjoy the process of whatever you are trying to achieve. Sure, working out might be painful at first, or giving up coffee might feel the opposite of a walk in the park in the beginning, but the feeling of accomplishment cannot be matched. 

See, in every moment we are either growing or withering away. In that instant of choosing growth, in that instant of choosing a change for the better – you are whole. You are whole because no one is ever going to do the work for you. And most importantly, you are whole because you chose yourself over any other excuse you could’ve chosen as to why you can’t or don’t have time to do or stop doing something.

Of course, just haphazardly stating a New Year’s resolution won’t get you very far. You must treat that new commitment with respect. Come up with a plan. Figure out how you will recommit to it when you feel like giving up. 

When you wholeheartedly resolve to live a fuller and richer life, your willingness alone gives you a strength you never thought you had. When you combine that willingness with a plan of action, commitment and determination, you can’t be stopped. 

So to answer your question, if you feel that your life is worth changing, then creating a New Year’s resolution is worth making. Every. Single. Time.