Jaqueline Cordova

Are there foods that can help improve your mood?

There certainly are foods that help improve your mood. But there are more foods that interfere and cause mood imbalance.  I believe that in order to better our health, we have to eliminate or reduce those foods that cause damage.

The more you know, the better choices you can make.  Start by reading about the ingredients in processed foods and what goes on with beef and poultry in factory farms. 

Examples of processed foods: 

• Artificial dyes such as Blue 1, Blue 2, Red 3 and Yellow 6 are linked to chemical imbalance. 

• Potassium bromide is added to flour to decrease baking time, but it’s been linked to cancer, nervous system damage and kidney damage. 

What you’ll find in factory-farmed foods:

Grain-fed animals: This alters the ratios of fatty acids. 

Hormones for weight gain: Various combinations of natural hormones – estradiol, progesterone and testosterone –and synthetic hormones – zeranol and trenbolone acetate – are given to cattle and poultry during their growth cycle. Don’t you think you’re eating all these drugs and hormones?

• Antibiotics: The goal of the factory farms is to produce as much meat as possible in as little space for as little money as possible. So it’s not only the hormones you eat, but the antibiotics as well.  

We have to find foods that are high in:

B-complex vitamins

Coenzyme Q10

Vitamin C                                          

Enzymes, such as catalase and superoxide

Vitamin E                                          

Selenium and Zinc


Along with her husband Ulises, Jacqueline Cordova co-owns and operates Green Ingredient, an eatery that offers healthy dishes on the first floor of Downtown’s Chase Tower. The two recently opened an express restaurant at Push Fitness on 6100 Dew Dr. To learn about Green Ingredient’s future health and wellness workshops, visit facebook.com/TheGreenIngredientEatery.