For many who are nearing age 20, it’s a time to reflect on how far you’ve come and where you’re heading next. There’s a future of endless possibilities and an excitement to shape yourself into whoever you want to be. It’s no different for a publication like What’s Up.

Hitting stands since 1999, we’ve been around to see that the Y2K bug was not a millennial doomsday. We’ve lived through four American presidents, watched the dot-com bubble burst and weathered the Great Recession.

And as we enjoy the transformational journey of the digital age, it also means that we must evolve. It’s been a great ride, but we are ready to mature. In our case, that means that after 19 years, we are taking the next step with our sister, more “grown-up” publication, El Paso Inc.

El Paso Inc. is El Paso’s weekly business journal. It focuses on El Paso’s business and professional community, but more than that, it has been at the forefront of El Paso’s progress. When other news tells you what happened, El Paso Inc. explains how it happened and why it matters to you.

Like What’s Up, arts and culture have also been spotlighted throughout El Paso Inc.’s existence. But we think there’s room for more. It’s an exciting time in El Paso. Our arts, culture and quality of life have renewed interest and are a centerpiece of El Paso’s path forward. As a local newspaper, we can do a better job covering it if we join forces – What’s Up and El Paso Inc. – and bring our efforts together.

So what does that mean? What’s Up and El Paso Inc.’s lifestyle section are merging to form “The B Section.” The B Section is part of El Paso Inc.’s subscription package and is one of three sections available to subscribers every weekend. The B Section will also be available around the community for free, much like What’s Up has been. We are refining our distribution locations, and it will be available at more than 100 sites throughout El Paso on Monday afternoons.

The B Section aims to bring you more. We will focus on more arts, more culture, more events and more sports coverage in the region. Many of What’s Up’s most popular features, such as a great calendar, will remain.

WhatsUpPub.com will still be available, and we commit to having the best, most inclusive local community calendar. We will include many local promotions and contests to win free tickets.

After almost two decades, we have given much thought to our next step. It might feel odd to not see What’s Up on the stands, but we want to reassure readers that we’re here and working on more.

We’re excited about this change and our future. As El Paso evolves, so do we. We hope that you’re with us and up for the adventure.

                                                 – The Crew