Three El Pasoans, Christian Alvarez and his siblings Tanya and Sergio, are making gains for their new bottled cocktail, TEKEEN.

Since launching TEKEEN in January of last year, the team of siblings has managed to get TEKEEN in stores in every major city in Texas.

In the past year, 10,000 cases of TEKEEN have been sold.

“That’s historical sales,” Christian said. “We’re growing very rapidly.”

In September, the cocktail brand is slated for distribution to 150 HEB grocery stores throughout Texas.

“We’re focusing on Texas, but the next places we really want to go to is Florida and California,” Christian said. “So, we will begin to figure out who’s going to be our distribution partner in those states in the coming months.”

Christian, who studied business at UT Austin, began thinking about venturing into the cocktail business while he was attending Northwestern University School of Law in Chicago.

“During law school, I saw the craft beverage market start to explode, and so I wanted to create a craft cocktail that was ready to drink,” he said.

TEKEEN, a mix of agave nectar, orange wine and natural flavors with an alcohol content of 12 percent, comes in three flavors: cucumber lime, grapefruit, and passion fruit lime.

“It’s a product that developed in the last two years and it’s a product that’s very versatile,” Christian said. “One of the best things about the product is that people can make it their own. You can enjoy it chilled, over ice, or even mixed with other fruits and liquors or spirits, as well.”

Hometown beverages inspired the TEKEEN flavors, Christian said.

“The flavor profiles are loosely based on different Mexican drinks,” he said. “For example, the cucumber lime flavor is loosely based on aguas frescas, [which are] made with cucumber and lime. So, it’s kind of an adult version of that. Our grapefruit flavor is loosely based on the paloma, which is grapefruit soda with tequila.”

TEKEEN was first made available for purchase at the Albertsons at Redd Road and I-10 in June, said Reuben Munoz, assistant manager of the Westside grocery store.

“The first Saturday, we sold 90 bottles,” Munoz said. “And then on Sunday, we sold another 86 bottles. People are really taking to it.”

Christian attributes the success of the brand to its crisp taste.

“Our product is all-natural,” he said. “Nothing is artificial.”

Cucumber Refresher

4 ½ ounces Cucumber


2 slice cucumber (muddled)

½ ounce agave nectar

½ ounce lime juice

2 shakes of Tajin chili powder

½ ounce Vodka (optional)

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