Our March coloring corner was illustrated by Christin Apodaca, with adult coloring book night being held at TradeCraft Wednesday, March 29.

With bold lines and ethereal twists, the work of Christin Apodaca easily captivates passers-by – so much so that she was commissioned to do pieces all over town. Often feminine with a twinge of eeriness, her illustrations adorn the walls of art gallery Dream Chasers Club, Hotel Indigo, the upcoming Salt + Honey Bakery Café and DeadBeach Brewery, just to name a few. Soon, Apodaca’s work will be on DeadBeach’s bottle labels.

Several of her pieces can also be found at TradeCraft, the sponsor of our Coloring Corner. 

Apodaca says that while El Paso’s art scene isn’t as heavily embraced as it is in Albuquerque, she’s seen a shift.

“I definitely see it changing,” Apodaca said. “I see people wanting to participate more and be more involved. I think art can be such a secluded kind of thing; you create a lot of the time on your own. I see a lot of people joining forces, which is great, because that’s what you have to do. Especially in a city that’s not focused on the arts.”

Read more about Christin Apodaca on our Artist Spotlight and see more of her work at capodaca.com/shop and on Instagram @christin.m.a.