What's Up Weekly held an adult coloring book night on Wednesday, Jan. 25 at TradeCraft featuring art by Jazz Rudy Vasquez. Our monthly coloring night is sponsored by TradeCraft. Food is available from One Grub Community food truck.

This month’s coloring corner was illustrated by Rudy Vasquez. Voted Best Artist by What’s Up readers in 2010, Rudy has worked on Ink Works Official Family Guy trading cards, Ape Entertainment’s U.T.F., Dean Koontz’s Frankenstein graphic novel adaptation published by the Dabel Bros, and Carnival Comics.

Carnival Comics partnered with Nikia and Amazon, where the digital comic book company has consistently placed in the Top 10 Graphic Novel category including No. 1. Rudy has drawn for Carnival Comics titles such as “Atomic Dreams,” “Funhouse of Horrors” and the “Carnival of Souls.” In addition, his art was part of a two-man summer show at El Paso’s Hal Marcus fine Art gallery. Currently, Rudy is working on an upcoming creator-owned comic book project.

We asked Rudy about the meaning behind this month’s illustration.

“It’s slightly symbolic, but it’s pretty straight forward,” he said. “I wanted it to be representative of ascendancy into 2017 from the morbid 2016. Though 2016 wasn’t without positivity, this is an over simplification for illustrative purposes. Onward and upward!”

The next adult coloring book night will be held on Wednesday, Feb. 22 at TradeCraft, 3737 N Mesa St b.