What's Up Weekly held an adult coloring book night on Dec. 21 at TradeCraft featuring art by Jazz Torrez. The night was the first monthly coloring book night held by What's Up and sponsored by TradeCraft. 

Jazz is a local working artist and teacher with a BFA from California Institute of the Arts. She is a local art vendor who operates under the name Twin Llamas. Painting, drawing, writing and design are the things she’s most interested in. Her art has been published in the novel, “UFO’s Over Galisteo,” and The Art Avenue Magazine. Torrez has self published a book called “Videoglitter” and a zine called “Fruit Salad.” She’s had six solo exhibitions and is currently working on another art book. Her art can be found on her website, JazzTorrez.com and her Instagram @jazztorrez.

The second adult coloring book night will be held on Jan. 25 at TradeCraft, 3737 N Mesa St b.