Miguel Bosé

Legendary Spanish singer Miguel Bosé is bringing his spectacular “Amo Tour” to the Don Haskins Center on Oct. 27. Bosé’s most recent production is already making waves on both sides of the Atlantic with its transforming stage, state-of-the art lighting and his latest sounds, as well as beloved classics such as “Nena,” “Amante Bandido,” and “Si tu no vuelves.”

What’s Up had the pleasure of chatting with this international artist about his latest production, his plans and his longevity on the music scene.

Q. Miguel, “Amo Tour” has been a success in Mexico and Spain. How did this original concept come to be and how would you describe your new material?

It came from the need to illustrate in a new production the “Amo” CD as well as the need to cut ties from the era of the “Papitos” with a new adventure that could be developed in the future since the new material, being so powerful and told in first person, needed to be more personalized than ever. “Amo” includes the most beautiful songs I have written in the last ten or twelve years. The material is inspired and solid, literally and musically speaking.

Q. You’ve said that the video of “Encanto” was inspired by Game of Thrones. What elements of the series interested you? Could you tell us about the story in your video?

Indeed, the video of “Encanto” is inspired by the series Game of Thrones, but it wasn’t my idea, no. It was a decision from its director, Beatriz Abad, since in a way it talks about a God, a Supreme Emperor, which is LOVE—the one that dictates and governs not only the heart of humans but also the heart of gods. It is a tyrant who suffers from his own power and whose emotions devour him even though, like I say in the text, “love lives hidden in memory, where love is pity,” and that makes him vulnerable. In the video, Love is each and every character that challenges and pursues another in a maze where they all live trapped.

Q. What has been your secret for staying current for over 30 years, and how do you feed your inspiration and your ability to create?

I believe the recipe lies in the fact that one of my determining character traits is my insatiable and unveiled curiosity. And that I have grown with the times, making my music in each project current, that’s why it lasts. My team always knows how to make my ideas timely and how to translate them so that they do not become outdated.

Q. You have been a truly multifaceted artist: you sing, you write, you produce, you act and you host TV shows. Would you like to explore other artistic venues? Do you have any goals you still haven’t fulfilled?

Without a doubt. I know that there are still many things to be unveiled and I feed all the projects that are coming into existence with sporadic visits. I now know as a fact that it won’t be me who decides on one or the other, but it will be them, just like it’s happened in the past. They are the ones who will come to my door and say: “I’m ready, you’re ready… let’s take off!”

Q. Tell us about your experience on “The Voice Mexico.” Why do you think this type of show has become so popular and what would you tell someone who dreams of a musical career?

I had a blast. I enjoyed it and God only knows how much I suffered! I hope to do it again another year. Talent shows are important because there is always the possibility that someone makes it big, and in the meantime, it keeps music alive and it supplies the need of people to consume music and those who make it. Basically, television and contests feed the dreams and wishes of the public on both sides of the screen.

Q. Many seek fame, but others resent it. What do you like and dislike about being famous?

I’ve never had this problem because I’ve never taken it into account. To me, this concept has no value, it’s a terrible and deceiving inconsistency. I believe in my work, in its effects and the tight relationship I’ve had for four decades with the vast army of my fans. But that is not fame, it’s affection, complicity, loyalty, it’s a wager, and that makes us a team and it unites very, very, very much!

Miguel Bosé

Don Haskins Center, 121 Glory Rd.

Tuesday, Oct. 27, 8:00 p.m.

Tickets $40 - $150

For tickets, visit ticketmaster.com.