Danielle Anaya

Guitarist Danielle Anaya will soon release her debut album “Renaissance to Romantic: 3 Centuries of Guitar.”

Kicking off this year’s portion of the Jewel Box Series’ second season is a multimedia recital called “Transfiguration of Dreams.” The recital will feature classical guitarist Danielle Anaya, dance performances and video projection this weekend at the Philanthropy Theatre.

“It’s not like your typical guitar recital,” Anaya said. “It’s cool to do something completely different than what you would normally see. Our goal is to show through the dance and the media the emotions I feel in the music.”

Anaya will be joined onstage by dancers and behind her will be snippets of video shot by a local filmmaker.

“I really like the more happy and peaceful parts,” Anaya said. “It begins really serious, but towards the middle, there’s more upbeat pieces. There’s two waltzes and those are the favorite of my repertoire right now.”

“Transfiguration of Dreams” celebrates the release of Danielle Anaya’s debut album “Renaissance to Romantic: 3 Centuries of Guitar.”

“I really enjoy the process to getting a finished product,” Anaya said. “I love the technique involved. It’s very precise how you train your fingers; it’s like martial arts or like an athlete would train.”

Anaya’s Jewel Box performance is sponsored by the El Paso Society for Musicians of the Future (EPSMF). The EPSMF started in 2005 as the El Paso Summer Music Festival, but has since morphed into a non-profit organization dedicated to helping local emerging talent.

“It’s such a wonderful, avant-garde series that I wanted for our performance to bring something new that we don’t see in El Paso very often,” EPSMF VP and “Transfiguration” art director Stephen Jackson said about the show. “This gave us the chance to think outside the box and really bring some people together that hadn’t worked together before.”

The upcoming show makes an example of the collaborative process many local artists gravitate toward.

“You can work in isolation, but why wouldn’t you work with passionate, creative people,” Jackson said. “Why not bring those things together and end up with something greater than the individual component?”

While the EPSMF has brought international stars like harpist Grace Cloutier and hosted NPR’s “From the Top,” “Transfiguration of Dreams” marks the organization’s first venture into traditional performance art.

This year marks 10 years since the Plaza Theatre’s renovation. The 2006 face-lift was a $24 million donation from the El Paso Community Foundation (EPCF). The organization also established the Philanthropy Theatre, an intimately sized theater built inside the Plaza the following year. In partnership with El Paso Live, the EPCF created the Jewel Box Series in 2014. The performances are meant to showcase local talent in a quality venue.

For EPSMF president Lynn Provenzano, the Jewel Box Series presented an opportunity to produce a unique show.

“Every time we put a performance together, we have to ask ourselves, ‘What can we do better?’” Provenzano said. “We thought this is great; we’ll be able to promote [Danielle,] but let’s give the audience more of a sensory experience.”

With the other elements of the show, the recital is meant to surpass the sense of sound.

“It’s not just the music; it’s about the emotion that goes with the music,” Provenzano said.

“Transfiguration of Dreams”

Philanthropy Theatre

125 Pioneer Plaza

Sat.-Sun., Jan.9-10

7 p.m. Sat., 2 p.m. Sun.


Tickets at the Plaza Theatre Box Office or ticketmaster.com.