Fans of falsetto voices and danceable rhythms will dig the pairing of local dance-rock trio The Other Half and “Mamma Mia! The Movie” at the Plaza Classic Film Festival. The group will perform before the outdoor screening of the 2008 musical film on Saturday, August 13.

The band’s three amigos are Steve Seigel (guitar, vocals), Christian Yanez (drums) and Joseph Salcedo (bass, vocals). They released a full-length album,“Family of Fools,” last summer and have been keeping busy by constantly playing shows.

Whats Up spoke with Seigel about performing at the Plaza Classic Film Fest and the influence movies have had on him and the band.

What’s your favorite movie?

I have a quite a few. I like comedies, but at the same time, I also like movies about music like the Temptations movie, the movie about the Jackson 5, stuff like that … for sure I can tell you my favorite Disney movie is the “Lion King.”

Have any movies inspired you musically?

There’s this one movie that I wrote a song about called “Liberal Arts.” It has the guy from “How I Met Your Mother” in it.

Are there any movies that have inspired the band?

We’ve probably watched a little bit of the Daft Punk movie together. I know Joseph and Christian like to bond over the “28 Weeks Later” score. Sometimes at practice, we’ll just kind of jam on something thematic like that just to have fun.

Do you have any favorite soundtracks?

I was always interested in the (“The Dark Knight”) composer Hans Zimmer and how he came up with certain noises. I researched that a little bit and dug into it. It’s intriguing. If it’s in a movie, I like to hear something that I don’t normally hear and I don’t know why that noise connects musically. That sparked an interest in me. That inspires music.

What’s been your experience with the Plaza Classic Film Festival?

This would be my first time ever attending. I haven’t been a social butterfly up until now. Being in a band opened that door for me. I’m excited to see what happens. I’m more than ready –let’s party!

What’s next for The Other Half?

We’re gonna be heading back into the studio really soon to finish off a full length album and we’re going to start doing more shows.