Kikimora’s fusion of funk, soul and jazz will set the perfect mood to unwind and watch “Car Wash,” a movie jam-packed with comedic moments with icons Richard Pryor and George Carlin. The group opens for the movie on Friday, Aug. 12 at the Plaza Classic Film Festival’s outdoor setup near the San Jacinto Plaza.

The band officially formed last November, and their first EP "Cosmic Control" dropped in May. They also provided sweet jams The Dig, What’s Up’s annual voting party, that month. We talked with guitarist-vocalist Haley Lynch about Kikimora's upcoming record and traveling.

What are Kikimora's plans for the rest of the year?

We're planning to record a full-length album by the end of the year. Maybe start going out of town. We're going to be doing some touring in the next couple of months.

Where did you record "Cosmic Control?"

It was a live recording and a home recording. We recorded live out of my living room and in this place Grynde. We overdubbed the vocals, but everything else is one or two takes.

Why did you record live?

We were kind of on a budget. It's the nature of the game at the beginning of course. We didn't want to spend a bunch of money on our first recording. We met Matthew Torres (producer/engineer) through Facebook. We did this deal where we would pay for the mastering costs and he could use us for his portfolio. It was a cool trade.

Are you going to do the same thing for the full-length?

We want to work with this guy Leslie Johnson. He's a local bass player in the R&B, jazz, neo-soul scene. That's kind of the direction we want to go to. It's important to work with other people. See what they can do for you and what type of sound you can get out of it.

Have you ever been to the Plaza Classic Film Fest?

No. I've lived in Austin for like the past five years. I was in high school last time I was hanging out around here. I'm excited for it.

Is it weird to come back to this El Paso?

It is. It's cool though because I'm older now and I'm here on my own terms rather than having to be here. Being younger and wanting to break free and make my own choice, that kind of sh*t. I didn't expect to come back here, especially when I first left. You kind of question what's working for you, so I think coming back here has been a really good blessing for all of us.

Leaving El Paso was helpful then?

Everyone needs perspective. I'm glad I'm back now because I can see it in a different way and bring what I've learned and saw in Austin and translate how to put it here. Especially when you're younger, you need to branch out and experience things outside of your comfort zone and travel. If it brings you back to your hometown and you have something to offer – I think it's a really positive thing you can do with your life.