Kicking off the Plaza Classic Film Festival’s outdoor music and film series on Friday, August 5 is the psychedelic rock film "Pink Floyd: The Wall." Preceding the film will be a music performance by local Americana folk project Alabama Deathwalk.

While Deathwalk’s performances often consist solely of founder Eric Reed, Friday’s performance will include a full band with Josh Mendoza on drums and and Rod Mendoza on bass.

In August, Reed will be going on a New Mexico tour with singer-songwriter Jim Ward, with the two performing solo acoustic guitar sets.

What's Up talked with Reed about his upcoming projects and Plaza Classic.

What have you been up to, musically?

I've been taking shows kind of slow the past couple of months. I've been working on new songs, trying to get those ready. I'm going to start pushing a little harder in the next couple of months. I'm trying to stick to one or maybe two El Paso shows a month just to not spread myself too thin and to not play too much that people get sick of it.

Are you focused more on shows than making new music?

It's not on the backburner. It's hard to get a date. I'm really taking my time so that I'm really proud of it. I have a rough deadline in my mind, but I haven't announced anything. The next release I do will be the first one in two and a half years. I've released some singles, but this will be the first real record/EP that I've done.

How are the tracks going?

It's been a fun year in general because I've been playing more instruments. I've been recording songs where I've been doing drums and synths. I still have friends that help, but I'm playing other instruments just to challenge myself.

Why the instrument jumping?

Guitar can feel stale sometimes and it's hard to be motivated to play an instrument that I've been playing so long. I need to take a little break from it and come back to it. It's a lot of switching things up so you shake up where your comfort zone is so you're not getting stagnant. It's helpful.

Have you seen "The Wall?"

I have a good vibe of what it is, but I need to watch it. I think I'll wait and watch it that night. That's probably an awesome way to experience it the first time.

Have you been to the Plaza Classic Film Fest?

I've seen a movie there before like three years ago, an old classic movie in the actual theatre. It's so fun. The lighting they have set up is like stars. It looks like a night sky above you. They have an actual organist that plays the intro to the movies and plays until the music starts. It feels like time travel.