Men wearing rompers

Sean Connery wearing a romper as James Bond in ‘Goldfinger’

Victoria Hernandez and Dario Beltran

Victoria Hernandez: I think guys should be able to express themselves as much as girls do. They should be able to wear whatever they want.

Dario Beltran: I think they’re pretty funny, but I give props to whoever can pull them off.

Isabella Wallace

Isabella Wallace: I think that it looks good on specific guys, so if you have a nice body, it might look nice. I’m for it as long as you can rock it.

Alexia Beem

Alexia Beem: Break the patriarchy, because men should be able to wear whatever they want and do whatever they want without being called gay. What you wear doesn’t define your sexuality.

Oscar De La Riva

Oscar De La Riva: I’m not for the male rompers, because personally, I would never wear one. I don’t think it would look right on a guy.

Jakob Martinez

Jakob Martinez: Why should one be judged for wearing something that someone else can wear? You can wear whatever you want because it’s expressing yourself and expressing your uniqueness.

Marcus Alberg

Marcus Alberg: So, literally, throughout all history, men have been butt-ass naked, like australopithecus. People were literally jumping around, gay men, no clothes, and then society just evolved one day where there’s standards? Why does it matter? We’re the exact same as animals, just a little smarter and a little more f*ck*d up. So you can wear whatever you want.

Naomi Suessbrich-Joaquim

Naomi Suessbrich-Joaquim: Fashion is so free; you can do whatever you want and you shouldn’t be judged. You should break the masculinity standard. If you want to wear makeup, you should be allowed to. This is the United States – land of the free.