Hiking in El Paso
Stephen McMath

Stephen McMath: I like coming up to the Wyler Aerial Tramway because you can see all of El Paso, Juarez and even New Mexico. You can be in one place and feel like you’re in all the places at once.

Amethyst Steffee

Amethyst Steffee: McKelligon Canyon because there’s a lot to do, the trails are paved, and since many people hike there frequently, I feel really safe.

Mia Austin

Mia Austin: I like Directissimo. It’s the hardest trail and it was my first time going hiking so I was really proud of myself.

Matt Austin

Matt Austin: It’s hard to pick one because there’s over 100 miles of trails here. If I have to pick, my favorite is the Ron Coleman trail, “Smuggler’s Pass.” It’s the second highest peak in the range, so there’s a spectacular view of the Northeast. But every trail is a happy trail for me.

Joachim Hees

Joachim Hees: Hueco Tanks. I like it because you can wander around and let your inner child out, whether you take a guided tour or a self-guided tour. There are paintings that are 5,000 years old.

Judy Acherman

Judy Acherman: The Franklin Mountains, but the best one is Whispering Springs in Castner Range. It was open in 1995 when I first moved to El Paso, but now it’s closed off and you’re not allowed to go in because you might die from unexploded ordinance.