Doug Pullen

Doug Pullen, Plaza Classic Film Festival program director: Terry Gilliam’s underappreciated and over-the-top masterpiece “Brazil,” which takes on government bureaucracy and totalitarianism with inventive absurdity. In a weak year for best picture nominees – “Out of Africa” won – it wasn’t even in the mix.

Ellie Ann Fenton

Ellie Ann Fenton, Cinematographer: That’s a super hard question to pull off the top of my head. I think “Blade Runner” was only nominated for art direction, which is ridiculous.

Kyle Alvarado

Kyle Alvarado, Creative manager for Alamo Drafthouse, Montecillo: As much as I enjoyed "The King's Speech," David Fincher's film, "The Social Network" was the stronger film and was robbed of not only a best director win for Fincher, but best picture, as well.

Charles Horak

Charles Horak, Host of KTEP’s “On Film” and director of The Film Salon:Martin Scorsese’s film “Silence” is the work of one of the greatest living filmmakers and Scorsese’s mastery of the art form is self-evident in every moment of the film. If the Academy Awards honors the finest achievements in the cinema arts each year, then Silence is a glaring omission in many Oscar categories.

Facebook Answers

Cheyanne E. Lozano: “Song of the Sea” should have won best animated film. It’s an overall better film than “Big Hero 6.”

Ricardo Martinez: “A Better Life,” starring Demian Bichir. The first Hollywood movie about Mexicans was truly genuine.

Rita Marie Shane: None. Hollywood puts out nothing but garbage.