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HOUSTON, Feb. 13, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Dunlavy + Gray announces the release of The Legend of Dell Briggers: A Novella and Two Short Stories, by New York Times bestselling author Joe Hilley.

From the back cover, "Dell Briggers was born in Vidalia, Georgia—or so he said—and I believed him, too. When we were growing up, he was my best friend and we told each other everything. But then he died and at his funeral I learned he was actually from Hot Springs, Arkansas; that his father had never worked at a top-secret Navy base; and that his mother had never even been to Hollywood much less acted in movies. So, after the funeral, I decided to find out who he really was. And that's where story begins."

Using vivid characters, superb writing, and unforgettable stories, Joe Hilley explores ideas about identity, gender, sexual orientation, and memories of the past—in the context of a small Southern town. Tales that read like a front porch conversation—gossip we've longed to know, questions we've wanted to ask, memories we've tried to forget.  

The Legend of Dell Briggers presents contemplative, existential fiction at its finest.

About Joe Hilley

Joe Hilley is a New York Times Bestselling author. He grew up along the Gulf Coast where he continues to live and work, producing fiction and non-fiction under his own name and as a ghostwriter without attribution. For more information about Joe, visit his website at

About Dunlavy + Gray

Dunlavy + Gray is an independent publisher with offices in Houston, Texas. We publish books by authors who combine creativity and insight in authentic literary expressions of the human experience. Online at

The Legend of Dell Briggers—available now in print and eBook.

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The Legend of Dell Briggers Cover
Cover for The Legend of Dell Briggers