ARLINGTON, Texas, June 10, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- IWP Capital Inc, a leading firm for investment research and screening rooted in Catholic values, has announced today the launch of its new app, Sanctify. When it comes to Catholic-based investment decisions, IWP Capital has always been at the forefront. Sanctify app aims to empower modern investors who want to make reliable, informed, and calculated investment decisions.

At its core, Sanctify serves as an IWP Capital database for investment advisors. It is an all-in-one personalized screening app that allows you to make informed and logical investment decisions. IWP Capital affirms that Sanctify will function as a stepping stone for different types of investors wanting to uphold Catholic values and drive business growth at the same time. Although the app is relatively new, it can already track more than 20,000 companies across the U.S.

The value proposition of Sanctify is to help investors conduct unique screens. As of now, the app offers 28 distinct screens as per American Catholic Investing Guidelines. As an investor who believes in Catholic values, you can now maintain a score of your family and faith values. This feature of the app is to help investors keep an eye on their core investments and decide whether or not their investments are in accordance with the U.S. Catholic Guidelines.

Unlike other investment apps, Sanctify takes into account environmental, corporate responsibility, economic justice, and human dignity factors. In fact, these are the hallmark qualities that highlight the essence of Sanctify that help investors maintain their lifelong Catholic values.

Fortunately, investors can now check into ETFS screens and 25,000 mutual funds in real-time. With the launch of Sanctify, IWP Capital also wants to offer heightened convenience to traditional investors. It is an effective way to help transition old school investors to bolder investment decisions and adherence to the U.S. Catholic Investment Principles at the same time.

The more that investors use Sanctify, the more they will realize that it provides comprehensive tools, asset analysis, and market situation to make the right investment decisions based on Catholic values. It's a secure, dedicated, and centralized investment app that can guide investors to research information on a single IWP platform.

One of the fundamental aspects that separates Sanctify from other conventional investor apps is its instant support and data accessibility. You can expect more updates and features from Sanctify app in the foreseeable future.

The investment app operates as a guide for making Catholic-based investment decisions. It's also simplified, effective, robust, and secure for investors to make strategic investment decisions. Sanctify grants more control and power to investors who want to make productive, profitable, and moral investment choices as per American investing Catholic values.

Since each investment decision comes with its own set of parameters, Sanctify wants to help investors become more systematic and consistent with their investment decisions. The rollout of Sanctify ensures that investment decisions of investors are rooted in the Catholic spirit, teaching, and doctrine.

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