Captain Sven Blackheart

Illusionist Captain Sven Blackheart will captivate Full Moon Vampire Ball attendees on Saturday, Oct. 7.

Halloween will arrive early for El Paso’s dwellers of the night. The second annual Full Moon Vampire Ball will be at Tricky Falls this Saturday, featuring as many bloody delights as last year’s with new savory flavors.

The ball begs the questions: how did blood-sucking beings become so romanticized and influential in pop culture?

Vampire illusionist Captain Sven Blackheart, who will perform at Saturday’s event, shared his thoughts on the phenomenon.

“I find our culture to be most interesting, of course. It has roots in nearly every civilization, and the story of the vampire is told in all corners of the planet,” Blackheart said. “Typically, others I’ve met and befriended keep to themselves like I do, so events like these are a nice respite from the [solitude].”

For Blackheart, vampirism offers an outlet that ordinary life lacks.

“The culture itself is something that complements my life perfectly I think, rather than influencing it,” he said. “I’ve always been drawn to the more macabre, mystical and magical things in life.”

Elements outside of vampirism also play a part in Blackheart’s performance style.

“I draw much inspiration from gothic subculture, circus and vaudeville,” he said.

Rather than being a full-fledged blood drinker, Blackheart said that he feeds off the energy of others. One of the ways he gets his fix is through entertaining his audience.

Burlesque performer Siren Saint Sin, who’ll also entice the Tricky Falls crowd, said vampires’ ethereal appeal make them a staple in both counter and pop culture.

“There’s always going to be some kind of resurgence with vampire culture because it’s so ingrained into us through fairytales, folktales or similar stuff like that,” she said. “It plays on our fantasies and plays on our interests in the forbidden. It’s sexy, it’s sensual, it plays on primal desires – it’s a seduction, but it’s also an attracting sin.”

The culture also encourages people to embrace their uniqueness, Saint Sin added.

“If people associate themselves in the vampire culture or in the Goth culture in general, then it’s a way for them to have a night out without judgement, and it’s a haven for those who want to explore that scene,” the seductress said. “You get to dress up, live a fantasy and get away from the real world for a few hours and get to be around like-minded people.”

Saturday’s headliner is My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult, a longtime industrial rock group who appeared in the 1994 hit “The Crow.” Burlesque performers Perla Foxx and Jazz Bubbles will also join the stage. The event will include tarot card readings, a vintage photo booth and a dinner for VIP ticket holders.

With a venue filled with attendees dressed in their best vampire attire – which is required, by the way – and seemingly endless entertainment, this is a dreadful night you don’t want to miss.